How to Register for MiFILE

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What is MiFILE?

MiFILE is Michigan's electronic filing system. Not all courts use MiFILE. For general information about MiFILE and e-filing, including which courts accept it, read What is E-filing?.

How to Register for MiFILE

  1. Go to the MiFILE website.

You can use any web browser and go to


  1. Click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Sign up

  1. Fill in your name and other personal information and click “Sign Up.”

All of the fields marked with a red asterisk are required. If you are filing court papers in a case and you are not a lawyer, select the box that says “I am Filing For Myself (Pro Se)”.

Personal Information

Other things to consider:

  • Use an e-mail address you check often.
  • The e-mail address you use here will be visible to all the other parties in any case you participate in using this account.
  • Use an e-mail address that only you can access. Be careful if you share an e-mail address with someone else, or if someone else has your password. If another person checks the e-mail address and deletes or moves a MiFILE notification, you could miss important information about your case.
  • If you need an e-mail address or want to create a different e-mail address to use just for e-filing, you can get one for free on many websites, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.
  • If you are concerned about the other party accessing your e-mail, start by reading Safety and Privacy When Using Electronic Devices for Legal Matters. You may consider setting up a separate e-mail address used solely for e-filing.
  • If you still have privacy or safety concerns, you can ask for an exemption from e-filing. To learn more about getting an exemption, read What Is E-filing?
  • The street address you use when signing up will not be displayed to anyone who accesses MiFILE unless that address is used in a document that is filed with the court.
  1. A confirmation screen will tell you that you’ve submitted your information to MiFILE. 

Confirm submission

  1. Check your e-mail for a message from

If you don’t see an e-mail within a few minutes, check your spam box. If you still don’t see it, contact ImageSoft, the company that provides MiFILE. You can reach them at or (855) 959-8868. 

  1. Open the e-mail and click “Confirm Now.”

You are not registered until you confirm your account from your e-mail address. 

Email confirmation

  1. A MiFILE confirmation screen will tell you that you have created a MiFILE account. Click the link to log in. 

Account confirmation

  1. Your MiFILE account is ready to use.