Testimony in Final Divorce Hearing

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This is a script you can use to testify at your final divorce hearing. This script will print with your other forms if you use the Do-It-Yourself Divorce tool. Typically, only the Plaintiff is expected to give testimony at the final hearing.

Read the script ahead of time and complete the blank spaces. Read your testimony clearly if the judge directs you to do so. The judge may also ask you some questions to make sure your testimony is complete.

My full name is ________________________________. My address is _________________________________________________, and I am the plaintiff in this case.

  1. I married the Defendant on _________________________ (marriage date) in ____________________________________________ (city, state/city, country).
  2. I filed a complaint for divorce on _________________________ (filing date).
  3. I lived in Michigan for 180 days and in ________________ County for 10 days immediately prior to filing this Complaint.
  4. When I filed my complaint for divorce, all the statements were true.
  5. All the statements in my complaint for divorce are still true today.
  6. There has been a breakdown of the marriage relationship such that the objects of matrimony have been destroyed and there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.
  7. I do not believe there is any possibility of reconciliation.
  8. (If there is a female spouse) I am not currently pregnant OR My wife is not currently pregnant.
  9. The Defendant and I have ______ (number) minor children together. Their names and ages are: ________________________________________________________________________________________ OR There are no minor children of this marriage.
  10. I have read all of the terms of the proposed Judgment of Divorce, and I agree with them.
  11. (For wife only) I would like the court to change my surname to _______________________________.

I ask that this Court grant an absolute Judgment of Divorce.

Thank you, Your Honor.