New Interviews and Toolkits Available!

New Interviews and Toolkits Available!

Monday, June 30, 2014

As we head in to summer, we at Michigan Legal Help wanted to let you know about some new tools we have:

New Toolkits with Automated Interviews! We have several new toolkits:

  • Emancipation - Becoming an Adult Before Age 18
  • I Need to Move with My Children (information and forms for filing a Motion to Change Domicile)
  • My Child's Other Parent Wants to Move (information and forms for responding to a Motion to Change Domicile)
  • I'm Being Evicted for Health Hazard/Injury to the Premises. Please send any clients with these issues to Michigan Legal Help for information and forms.

​​We have modified the Divorce interview in response to the changes to the law from the Revocation of Paternity Act. If you have a non-marital child you need to exclude through a divorce, you can't use the divorce interview to do this, becuase the laws have changed. We are working as quickly as we can this summer to hopefully create new forms and a new interview to assist those of you with cases that are affected by the the new rules and procedures.

We have released a Judgment Only divorce interview called "Automated Online Divorce forms - JUDGMENT ONLY." This interview is for you if you have already started your divorce, but need help finishing it. The interview will prepare a Judgment of Divorce and the forms that go with it.

Have a happy and safe summer - and look for more updates soon!