Automatic Expungement Article.  Photo of Michigan Capitol Building on partly cloudy day with some people walking around.
Michigan Is Now Automatically Expunging (Setting Aside) Some Adult Convictions

In 2020, Michigan lawmakers passed the Clean Slate laws. These laws made it easier for some people to clear criminal convictions from their records.

One new part of the Clean Slate laws is automatic expungement (“set aside”) of some convictions. Automatic expungement of adult convictions officially started on April 11, 2023.

The Michigan State Police estimated 1 million people had some convictions automatically expunged on April 11. More convictions will be expunged when they become eligible.

To learn more about how automatic expungement works, and how to find out if your conviction has been expunged, read Automatic Expungement (Set Aside) of Adult Convictions.

Expungement by application is still an option too. It is a separate processes with different rules. To learn more about expungement by application read Applying to Set Aside (Expunge) an Adult Criminal Conviction and What Convictions Can You Expunge (Set Aside) with an Application.


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