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Justice For All Task Force Town Hall (Detroit)

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Hall
1358 Abbott Street
Detroit, MI 48226
Estados Unidos

Who Should Attend?

The right to a lawyer in the United States applies only in criminal cases, not civil cases, creating a massive civil justice gap. For example, in three of four civil cases, at least one side represents themselves in court because they can’t afford to pay an attorney. As a result, people who have done nothing wrong often lose their cases in court because they don’t have the legal information or help they need.
The Justice for All Task Force was formed by the Michigan Supreme Court in order to tackle the civil justice gap. Now they are asking for your help! Public input is needed to assess the extent and impact of the civil justice gap on Michigan families and businesses. Two public townhall meetings have been scheduled, one in Grand Rapids and one in Detroit, to give the public an opportunity to be heard. 
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