Marquette-Alger Resolution Center

Marquette-Alger Resolution Service (MARS) offers mediation, a means of solving disputes that clients are unable to resolve on their own. It is a voluntary alternative to court action.It employs the use of professionally-trained mediators who remain neutral while guiding you to find a mutually-agreeable solution to yclients' problems.

Marquette-Alger Resolution Service handles many types of disputes including:

  • Domestic Relations (including parenting time and divorce)
  • General Civil Lawsuits
  • Small Claims Matters
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Guardianship and Family Caregiving Issues
  • Employment (employee/employee and employee/employer)
  • Discrimination (through Michigan Department of Civil Rights)
  • Neighborhood and Community Conflict
  • Family Disputes
  • Claims involving Money and Personal Property
  • Victim Offender Restitution
  • Special Education Complaints
  • Contractual Matters
  • Large Group Facilitation
  • Mediation is not appropriate for cases involving domestic violence or criminal matters.
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