Domestic Violence Alert

Safety Alert! Your computer use or use of another electronic device and your search history could be monitored by someone else. If you are afraid that your internet and/or device use might be monitored, please use a safer device, like a computer at a library or self-help center, and/or contact a domestic violence organization for help. To learn more about online safety, visit Security Planner.

YWCA Interim House

YWCA Interim House is a domestic violence shelter in Detroit. It offers services to battered women and their children in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.

YWCA Interim House offers:

  •  24-hour crisis line
  •  67-bed shelter
  •  Food and clothing
  •  Individual, family & children and group counseling
  •  Residential & non-residential support groups
  •  Legal advocacy
  •  Sexual assault advocacy
  •  Childcare services
  •  Community education
  •  Information & referrals
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Office Hours

24/7 Crisis Line Available: Call (313) 861-5300

Contact Info

985 E. Jefferson Ave
Suite 101
Detroit, MI 48207
United States