Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit

The Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit (FHCMD)is a private, non-profit, citizen based organization - with IRS 501 (c) [3] tax exempt status - that has worked to help ensure equal housing opportunities throughout the metropolitan Detroit area.  


  • Assists in the investigation of complaints of unlawful housing discrimination;
  • Refers some housing discrimination complainants to other agencies or legal resources;
  • Initiates negotiations, conciliations and litigations to help resolve unequal housing disputes;
  • Provides homeseekers with information about the sales and rental market and assists homeseekers who are considering non-traditional housing choices;
  • Conducts research projects and housing surveys to evaluate fair housing practices or assist in industry self-testing programs in the sales, rental, or mortgage lending markets;
  • Provides consulting and program implementation services to employers, businesses, units of government, and housing providers that are seeking to develop or implement fair housing programs;
  • Conducts training and public information programs on fair housing issues;
  • Works with neighborhood groups, community organizations, and other service providers to help promote and achieve more racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods.
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5555 Conner St. Suite 2244
Detroit, MI 48213
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