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Changing or Ending a Personal Protection Order When You Are the Petitioner


    You may have a Personal Protection Order (PPO) you want to end before it expires. Or, you may want to keep the PPO but change one or more of its protections. In either situation, you can file a motion to ask the judge to change or end the PPO.

    You can use our Do-It-Yourself Motion to Modify, Extend, or Terminate a Personal Protection Order (PPO) to do this. This form asks the judge to:

    • Change the terms of a PPO,

    • Extend the expiration date of a PPO, or

    • End a PPO before it expires.

    File your motion in the court that issued the PPO. There will be a court hearing within 14 days of when you file your motion. At the hearing, the judge will decide whether to grant your motion and/or how to change the PPO.

    Why Would I Want the Judge to Change the PPO?

    If the PPO has a protection you no longer want, you can ask the judge to remove it. If there is a protection that isn’t in the PPO that you now want, you can ask the judge to add it.

    Maybe your situation has changed since you got your PPO. Maybe the Respondent has started doing something to you that he or she didn’t do before and isn’t covered in your PPO. Maybe your parenting time arrangements are different, and you want to be able to speak to the Respondent about your children or allow the Respondent to pick up and drop off the kids at your home.

    Or, maybe you have decided you want the PPO to end. Remember, even if you agree to the behavior, the Respondent can still be arrested and charged with criminal contempt for a PPO violation. Because of this, it is important to let the judge know if your situation is different and how you want your PPO changed. Only the judge can change or end the PPO.

    Think carefully before you ask the judge to change or end your PPO. Otherwise, you may need to file other motions in the future.

    What Should I Include in My Motion?

    You should tell the judge if you want the PPO ended or changed. If you want the PPO changed, state what parts you want changed. You should also tell the judge why you want the PPO ended or changed. The judge will want to make sure you are not being pressured by the Respondent.

    If you’re under 18 and not emancipated, you need a “next friend” to file your motion for you. A “next friend” is an adult you trust, usually a parent or other relative. Include the name of your “next friend” in your motion.

    What Happens After I Get the Forms?

    After you complete and print your forms, read the checklist in the I Need to Change or End My Existing Personal Protection Order toolkit to learn what to do next. To learn what to expect in court, watch the Going to Court video.