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After Your Name Change


    After a name change, other records that use your old name do not change automatically. Contact any agency or organization that normally deals with you or your child under your old names.

    Here is a list of agencies and organizations to contact after a judge issues an order approving a name change for you or your child.

    • Social Security Administration

    • Department of Motor Vehicles

    • Passport Office

    • Post Office

    • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

    • Voter Registration

    • Banks and other financial institutions

    • Credit Card companies (or issuers)

    • Doctors’ offices/ dentists’ offices

    • Insurance companies

    • The Michigan State Tax Authority

    • Municipal Tax Authority (if applicable)

    • Clubs

    • Memberships

    • Employer

    • Retirement plans

    • Schools you or your child attend

    There may be other agencies and organizations not listed here that you should contact.

    To change the name on your or your child’s birth certificates, file a copy of the order with the State Registrar. See the Application to Correct or Change a Michigan Birth Record to learn more about changing the name on your or your child’s birth certificate.