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Tuscola County Victim Services

The mission of Tuscola County Victim Services is to provide advocacy and support to Tuscola County crime victims and their families. Victims will be treated with dignity and respect fior their autonomy and offenders will be held accountable.

Tuscola County Victim Services provides assistance to crime victims (including but not limited to: Child and Adult Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Abuse, Hate Crimes, Assaults, Stalking, Homicide, Suicide) in the following areas:

  • Hospital, police agency or crime scene crisis intervention.
  • Criminal justice advocacy and courtroom accompaniment
  • Assistance with personal protection orders and subsequent violations
  • Information and referral
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Volunteer advocates available to all agencies to assist in crisis counseling and death notifications.
  • Crisis counseling and follow up contacts, particularly with domestic violence and sexual assault victims
  • Assistance in filing Crime Victim Compensation claims