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Housing CQs Test


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    Section 1

    Can I be evicted from subsidized housing?

    Yes. When you live in subsidized housing you have a lease agreement. You can be evicted if you seriously or repeatedly break the lease, fail to pay the rent you are responsible for, or are involved in drug-related or violent criminal activity. You are entitled to notice and a hearing to determine if there is good cause for the termination of your assistance or your eviction from subsidized housing.

    Can I be evicted for reporting my landlord to the housing inspector?

    No. Your landlord can’t evict you just for exercising your legal rights as a tenant. This includes reporting your landlord to the housing inspector.

    This is called a retaliatory eviction. If your landlord starts an eviction against you within 90 days of when you exercised these rights, the court will assume the eviction is retaliatory. This means your landlord will have to prove the eviction is not retaliatory. If you think the eviction was retaliatory, and it has been more than 90 days, you will need to prove it to the court to defend against the eviction. Learn more about it in the article Common Defenses and Counterclaims in Eviction Cases.

    Can I get housing assistance if I have a criminal record?

    Maybe. You will probably not get housing assistance if you or a household member have been evicted for drug-related criminal activity in the past three years. If you or the household member have completed a rehab program, the housing authority should not take drug use into account.

    The housing authority will also deny your application if you or a household member have a recent history of violent criminal activity.

    There are limits to how far back a subsidized housing provider can look at your record. In almost all cases, the subsidized housing provider can consider all the circumstances of your situation, including good explanations for events and rehabilitation.

    Section 2

    Can I get housing assistance immediately if I qualify?

    Many areas have a waiting list for people who are eligible and have been approved for housing assistance. Sometimes the waiting lists are closed. Even if you are likely to be granted assistance, do not count on being able to use subsidized housing or vouchers immediately.

    How do I know if I qualify for housing assistance?

    The biggest factor in qualifying for housing assistance is your income level. Your income must be less than the low-income limit level in your county to qualify for subsidized housing. It must be less than the very low-income limit to qualify for vouchers. You can find the income levels for your county at the HUD Income Limits Documentation website.

    Other factors such as if you are a family, a veteran, disabled, a senior, past rental history, or immigration status may also affect getting subsidized housing in your local area.