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Can I Have My Juvenile Adjudication Set Aside?


    If you are convicted of a crime when you are a minor it is called a juvenile adjudication. Setting aside an adjudication is the process that clears your juvenile public record. It is sometimes called expungement.

    To have a juvenile adjudication set aside, you must meet certain conditions related to all of the following:

    • Your age

    • How long it has been since the adjudication

    • The number of adjudications you have had

    • The type of offense

    If you meet these conditions, you can apply to have your adjudications set aside. A judge will decide if your adjudication will be set aside.

    To learn about the process of setting aside an adjudication, read the article Setting Aside a Juvenile Adjudication. To learn about setting aside an adult conviction, see the toolkit I Have an Adult Criminal Conviction That I Would Like to Set Aside (expunge).

    Your Age

    You must be at least 18 years old to have an adjudication set aside in Michigan.

    How Long It Has Been since the Adjudication

    You can’t apply to have an adjudication set aside until at least one year after you were given a disposition or released from detention for that adjudication, whichever is later.

    The Number of Adjudications

    You can apply to have up to three adjudications set aside. Only one of them can be an offense that would be a felony if an adult had done it. If you have more than three juvenile adjudications, or more than one felony adjudication, none of them can be set aside.

    Counting adjudications

    Adjudications for more than one offense that happened within 12 hours and show a single intent or goal might be counted as one offense. To count as one offense, none of the offenses can be an assaultive offense, involve the use or possession of a weapon, or carry a possible punishment of more than 10 years in prison.

    You can read this list to see if any of your adjudications were for an assaultive offense.

    If you have adjudications in more than one court, the process is more complicated. You may want to talk to a lawyer about getting your adjudications set aside. If you need a lawyer and are low-income, you may qualify for free legal help. Whether you are low-income or not, you can use the Guide to Legal Help to look for legal help in your area.

    The Type of Offense

    You can’t apply to have an adjudication set aside if it was a traffic offense, a felony that would be punishable by life in prison for an adult, or if you’ve been convicted of a felony as an adult.

    Applying if you qualify

    Read Setting Aside a Juvenile Adjudication to learn how to have your adjudication set aside. You can use the Do-It-Yourself Expungement (Juvenile Adjudication) to fill out the forms you need.