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Internet Representation Project

The IRP system screens clients for eligibility and, if qualified, allows them to post a question to a private messaging system. The questions are answered by private attorneys volunteering their time. An IRP client has the ability to check the system for answers at any time or schedule a real time chat session with an attorney. Both the client and the attorney remain anonymous to insure complete privacy.

LSNM is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the provision of legal services to the low income population of northern Michigan. Much of LSNM's funding comes from the national Legal Services Corporation and the Michigan Bar Foundation. Consistent with the guidelines of these funders, LSNM may only advise people whose household income is less than 125% of poverty. In addition the following restrictions apply:

  • The client must be a citizen or a legal resident of the United States.
  • The client may not be incarcerated.
  • The client may not have non-exempt assets exceeding $4,000 in value.

LSNM may not give legal advice on the following areas of law:

  • Criminal
  • Abortion
  • Political Redistricting
  • Drug related evictions from publicly subsidized housing

For technical reasons, the eligibility screening performed by this site is more restrictive than LSNM's office intake system. If you are denied access to this site and believe you are eligible for LSNM's service, please feel free to call your local office.