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Diocese of Kalamazoo Immigration Assistance Program

The Immigration Assistance Program (IAP) provides the indigent immigrant population of the nine counties of the Diocese of Kalamazoo with low-cost, competent legal representation in their immigration matters.  

The IAP provides legal representation to eligible clients in the following areas and more:

  • Applications for Adjustment of Status for family members and religious
  • Applications for Naturalization
  • Petitions for Victims of Domestic Violence and other victims of crimes
  • Petitions for Alien Relatives
  • Temporary Status Protection Renewal or Initial Applications
  • Applications for Green Card Renewal

In addition, the IAP provides the following services to non-clients:

  • Referrals to appropriate legal services for civil and criminal matters
  • Information on the rights of immigrants and undocumented persons
  • Educational seminars for church members, migrant farm workers, community groups, attorneys and service providers