News and Content Updates

News and Content Updates

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It may be summertime, but the MLH staff have been working hard!  We celebrated the 4th anniversary of our launch on August 17. Happy birthday to us!

We have recently added to the website a number of new resources we expect will be of great interest to MLH visitors. Our new content includes:

  • Food Stamp Calculator: People can use this tool to find out if their households are eligible for Food Stamps, and get an estimated benefit amount. The enhanced articles in the toolkit include additional information about food stamps.
  • I Wasn’t Paid for My Work: Wage and Hour Claims Toolkit: The resources in this toolkit explain what a worker can do if they weren’t paid for their work, or if their employer isn’t properly paying them. It includes referrals to legal services agencies that can assist.
  • I Need to Make a Will Toolkit: Interested people can use this toolkit to learn about whether they need a will, and how to create one. The toolkit includes a Do-It-Yourself Will tool for drafting a Michigan statutory will.
  • Small Estates: Transferring Property When Someone Dies Toolkit: Lots of information about small estates, plus informal and formal probate of larger estates. The Do-It-Yourself Small Estates tool provides the forms that heirs need to handle small estates from start to finish.
  • Two new articles about Child Protective Services: “CPS and Your Family” and “Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry.”

The following toolkits have recently been updated or modified. Please visit each one to see what new resources we added!

  • I Need a Personal Protection Order – Domestic Relationship
  • I Need a Divorce and I Have Children
  • Domestic Violence and Divorce with Children
  • My Spouse Filed for Divorce, and We Have Minor Children
  • I Need a Custody Order
  • I Am a Defendant in a Custody Case

Please take some time to revisit the website, especially the new content. You will notice that our forms (previously known as “Automated Online Interviews”) have been renamed “Do-It-Yourself” tools. We anticipate this will make it even easier for visitors to find the resources they need. Test-drive one or more of the new do-it-yourself tools all the way to the end. Generating documents yourself will put you in the best position to assist MLH visitors in the future. Please do send us your feedback. We very much rely on your thoughts about the website and how it can be improved!

We want to remind you that LiveHelp is available weekdays from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. LiveHelp is a chat-based feature where website visitors can get assistance navigating the website. (They cannot get legal advice.) This service has been very successful: in July 2016 alone LiveHelp agents conducted 427 chats and replied to 237 after-hours emails. Just direct visitors to the orange “Need Help?” button in the corner of the screen.

LiveHelp is also a great pro bono opportunity for law students. We are currently lining up our volunteers for the fall semester. Please encourage any interested students to email us at livehelp@lsscm.org.

Finally, we want to introduce you to Martha Gove, who recently came onboard as Staff Attorney / Program & Outreach Coordinator. Feel free to contact her directly with any questions or concerns at mgove@lsscm.org.

Thank you for your continued support and for serving as an MLH ambassador to your community!