End of 2017 Update

End of 2017 Update

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Michigan Legal Help Program is now in its fifth year, and the state-wide project to help self-represented litigants in Michigan is growing:

  • 12.9 million page views to michiganlegalhelp.org since our website launch in August 2012
  • 28,000+ page visits per week
  • 318 sets of forms completed per day on Law Help Interactive
  • 18 Self-Help Center locations
  • 497 Twitter followers
  • 846 Facebook likes

We’ve added some exciting new features to our website in 2017:

  • This fall we launched our new Guide to Legal Help. The Guide gives visitors referrals and legal information tailored to their legal problem. Clients may be directed to a Legal Aid office, or to Michigan’s Counsel and Advocacy Law Line, or to the State Bar of Michigan’s various lawyer search and referral tools. It also alerts visitors to possible eligibility for public benefits.  This personalized tool allows visitors to easily access the information and referrals that are most relevant to them.  
  • This year, we continued to develop new legal content and work with our partners. We added two new content areas on Farmworkers and Immigration, 3 toolkits, 17 articles, 10 common questions, and 1 Do-It-Yourself Tool.
  • Our Spanish version of the website, ayudalegaldemichigan.org, has been updated! Our Farmworkers content is available en español! We will continue to translate new content as it is added to MLH.
  • The Self-Help Center Network has expanded even more than last year! We now have a total of 18 Self-Help Centers across the state. We opened 7 new Self-Help Centers in Saginaw on 3/7, Livingston on 3/29, Alpena on 5/8, Grand Traverse on 5/11, Cass on 10/26, Jackson on 11/7, and Genesee on 11/9. Welcome to all of our new Navigators who joined this year!
  • We added two new videos titled Overview of the Divorce Process for Defendants and Overview of the Divorce Process for Plaintiffs. We now have 8 videos on our website!
  • Last but not least, we have 24 active LiveHelp agents! Our team of volunteer law students provides coverage from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

We’re very thankful for all the support we’ve gotten in 2017. We can’t wait for 2018! Look for new content on Minor Guardianship coming soon…

Happy Holidays from the MLHP Team!