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Change is good!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

One constant in life is change...here at Michigan Legal Help, we have some new changes to tell you about!

  • New Content! Last month we added three new toolkits to MLH. In “I Need to Revoke (Undo) My Husband’s Paternity” and “I Need to Revoke (Undo) My Paternity of My Wife’s Child,” you can learn how the new Revocation of Paternity Act works to change paternity of children born or conceived during a marriage. A new automated online interview allows you to draft the forms you need to handle this legal problem. In “Small Estates: Transferring Property When Someone Dies,” you can learn about how to distribute someone's property after death when there is only a small amount of property to distribute. This toolkit also has an interview you can use to figure out how much each heir inherits, and helps you draft the forms you need.
  • Ayuda Legal de Michigan: The Michigan Legal Help team has been busily working to add new content to Ayuda Legal. In the past few months we have added many new toolkits in Spanish. Three Protection from Abuse interviews have also been added.
  • Self-Help Centers: The Michigan Legal Help Self-Help Center Network of Calhoun County opened on May 1st! This group of five self-help centers can be found in the public libraries in Albion, Tekonsha, Homer, and Battle Creek (both Willard and the Helen Warner Branch).
  • New Staff: As the Michigan Legal Help team loses one staff attorney, we gained a new outreach and development team member. If you'd like Michigan Legal Help to do outreach in your area, please contact us!
  • New Laws: Whenever a law changes, we have to make needed changes on Michigan Legal Help. We do this as quickly as we can, but sometimes it still takes a while. The biggest change lately has been the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage. We're working to update our resources here - thank you for your patience! Please check back soon if you aren't finding what you need. 

New legal information available!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Do you have questions about getting your Michigan ID or Driver's License? We've got answers for you witih our two new toolkits! These tools replace the former MichID website, which has been decomissioned.

Are you recently unemployed? We also have a new toolkit that explains how unemployment benefits work and how you can apply for them. We'll be adding more toolkits soon about appealing denials of unemployment benefits and other related topics.

Finally, we've added several new toolkits and videos to our Spanish-language website, AyudaLegaldeMichigan.org. If you or someone you know would rather read legal information in Spanish, Ayuda Legal can help.

Changes to Michigan's Expungement Laws

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Michigan's expungement laws changed recently. The new rules allow someone with one felony conviction and two or less misdemeanors to set aside the felony conviction. Or, if you have one or two misdemeanor convictions and no felony convictions, you can ask to set aside one or both of the misdemeanors. You must still wait for five years from the date of sentencing, release from prison, probation, or parole to file your application. Find out if you qualify to set aside your conviction by using our Automated Online Application to Set Aside Conviction interview.

Michigan Legal Help Evaluation Report

Friday, January 23, 2015

Part of making Michigan Legal Help the best resource it can be is doing a formal evaluation of our work. Here's a report looking at the effectiveness of MLH in helping people navigate the divorce process: http://goo.gl/yYmw3O

 We spent several months designing the study, four months collecting data by surveying divorce case files in clerks' offices and interviewing court and self-help center staff, then several more months analyzing the data and reducing it to a written report.  This project was funded primarily by a Technology Initiative Grant from the Legal Services Corporation.

What's New on MLH: End of 2014 Edition

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy new year, everyone! Here's a quick year-end report on what's new at Michigan Legal Help as we say goodbye to 2014: 

  • We have three new toolkits launching this month: Name Change, Stepparent Adoption, and Managing Child Support Debt. Also, I Need a Quitclaim Deed to Transfer Real Property launched in the last month or so.  Each of these toolkits comes with informational articles, common questions, an interactive online interview, and checklists of instructions.
  • Our Income Tax toolkits are updated for the new tax year! Don't forget that these include links to lists of places where low income people can get their taxes prepared for free.
  • We continue to add new content to ayudalegaldemichigan.org and we have LiveHelp available in Spanish.
  • We have completed an evaluation of the efficacy of the divorce interview and learned a lot about Michigan Legal Help as well as self-represented divorce litigants generally. We're still putting the finishing touches on the report, but we'll be publishing it soon.
  • Please continue to help us spread the word about Michigan Legal Help. You can order PR materials to distribute in your community on the PR Materials page of the website - these are now available in English and Spanish!
  • What have people been saying about Michigan Legal Help? Here is some feedback we've gotten from users: "Thank you for making the help available at no cost." "This site was amazing it has truly helped me. Thank you so much!" "A very sad time for me, but this was so helpful as I am an hourly person and it is hard to get downtown. I am grateful for this service and it was very user friendly."

Thanks, everyone, for making 2014 a great year - we're looking forward to an even more productive and exciting year in 2015!

As we wind up another year...

Monday, December 15, 2014

As we wrap up another calendar year, we are reflecting on some of our year-end milestones. In 2014, we:

  • Launched 14 new toolkits, including 16 new interviews
  • Helped over 452,000 people learn more about their legal problems
  • Helped 273 people fill out legal forms every day
  • Chatted with over 2,600 people through LiveHelp
  • Launched a Spanish-language version of MLH, AyudaLegaldeMichigan.org
  • Launched 4 new videos explaining challenging legal processes
  • Received feedback from many users expressing thanks for Michigan Legal Help

Would you like to say “thank you” by contributing to this great statewide resource for people representing themselves? Any amount helps us keep growing!

We may have missed "Giving Tuesday" but we welcome donations year-round. We just made it a lot easier to donate to Michigan Legal Help - just click and go: http://www.michiganlegalhelp.org/make-donation. Many thanks!


Ayuda legal de michigan website online now – get free, accurate legal information and forms

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Since MichiganLegalHelp.org launched on August 17, 2012, over 760,000 visitors have accessed free, accurate legal information and forms to help them handle simple legal matters on their own. Now, much of this same information is available in Spanish at AyudaLegaldeMichigan.org.

“The launch of Ayuda Legal de Michigan is very exciting. Having this resource available in Spanish will be a great benefit for people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer to handle basic legal problems. It will also benefit the courts because more self-represented litigants will be better prepared when they go to court,” said State Court Administrator John A. Hohman, Jr.

The Ayuda Legal de Michigan website was created to make legal information easier to understand and to show people how to navigate the court system properly and efficiently. It contains articles explaining specific areas of law, common questions, forms and instructional checklists to help prepare people who represent themselves in court. Many court forms can be filled out online using a simple question and answer interview. There are also several videos to educate visitors about specific legal processes, what to expect when going to court, and how to use the website.

Ayuda Legal de Michigan can help visitors look for a lawyer or legal self-help center in their area if they need more assistance. It also includes information about local community services and details about the court where a visitor’s legal issue may be handled. Although it does not cover all areas of law, new content is added regularly.

“We are working steadily to get more of our resources translated into Spanish,” says Angela Tripp, Project Director of the Michigan Legal Help Program. “While there is a great deal of legal information already available on Ayuda Legal, we want to make more of our interactive interviews available in Spanish to help people prepare the forms they need for court. While all court forms have to be filed in English, the interviews can be done in Spanish and users will get a second copy of their documents in Spanish as well.”

In addition to the website, the Michigan Legal Help Program works with communities to open local legal Self-Help Centers, with staff (called ‘navigators’) who help visitors find what they need on the website, answer basic questions about court practices and processes, and provide information about forms available on the website.  Neither the website nor navigators can give legal advice; they provide only legal information.

Michigan Legal Help Self-Help Centers are now open in Wayne, Oakland, Muskegon, Allegan, Oscoda, Monroe, and Marquette counties. More Self-Help Centers are planned for 2014 and beyond. Ayuda Legal visitors can also get help from a website navigator through LiveHelp, a chat-based service. LiveHelp is available in Spanish from 11am – 3pm Monday through Friday.

Currently, on Ayuda Legal there is information about family law matters, protection from abuse, consumer law problems, and individual rights. Family law matters include divorce, custody, and child support. The protection from abuse tools have information about domestic relationship and other types of personal protection orders. Consumer legal issues covered are suits regarding debts, small claims, installment payment plans and garnishment. Individual rights materials include asking the court for an interpreter or to waive filing fees.

The Michigan Legal Help Program is the culmination of several years of work by the Solutions on Self-Help Task Force, which was established in 2010 by (then) Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly to improve and coordinate resources for self-represented persons.  More than 100 individuals participated in the Task Force’s work, reflecting input from judges, bar associations, legal aid, local self-help centers, libraries and others. Many of these groups continue to collaborate with the effort, which is now managed by a nonprofit organization, Michigan Poverty Law Program, based in Ann Arbor.

Visit AyudaLegaldeMichigan.org to view the website and learn more about its tools for civil legal self-help in Michigan.

Happy Birthday, Michigan Legal Help!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Today we celebrate our second birthday. It is an important milestone! It is also a good time to reflect on how far we have come, so here are a few fun facts about Michigan Legal Help at two years:

  • We have published 100 articles on Michigan Legal Help about many different legal topics. These articles appear in 41 different toolkits in the areas of Family Law, Consumer Law, Protection from Abuse, Housing Law, Expungement, Public Benefits, Individual Rights, and Income Tax.
  • Michigan Legal Help visitors complete an average of 125 interviews per day, getting the forms they need to file in court.
  • This year, we created and launched Ayuda Legal de Michigan, a Spanish language version of Michigan Legal help. While not everything on Michigan Legal Help is available in Spanish yet, we are working hard to translate more tools every week.
  • We have six videos to watch and learn about your legal rights. 
  • We have helped more than 2,800 people through the Live Help chat feature on Michigan Legal Help.

We'd also like to share with you some of the feedback that we've gotten over the last few months:

  • "This made my life so much simpler. I have been agonizing over starting the process because it seemed so daunting. This seemed to simplify everything for me and help me be confident that I am not walking into the courthouse unprepared. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommending this service to others."

  • "Thank you so much for providing great information on this site. I have searched all over for forms to file custody and this site was just what I was looking for."

  • "You provide a well needed service, and it is appreciated. Very user friendly, and very professional. Thank you."

  •  "I think this legal help program is excellent for people like myself that cannot afford an attorney. Plus it's an excellent program for people that just need to know their rights. I love this site and I have recommended to others in my area. So Thank you very much for the much needed help."

  • "This was extremely helpful and helped to relieve some of the stress i was feeling related to trying to handle my divorce without an attorney."

We'd like to thank everyone who has worked with us to make this site possible, and thank you to everyone who has visited it and used it. Feedback like the quotes above are why we work so hard on Michigan Legal Help - knowing that we have helped people makes all the difference. Here's to many more years of the same!

New Interviews and Toolkits Available!

Monday, June 30, 2014

As we head in to summer, we at Michigan Legal Help wanted to let you know about some new tools we have:

New Toolkits with Automated Interviews! We have several new toolkits:

  • Emancipation - Becoming an Adult Before Age 18
  • I Need to Move with My Children (information and forms for filing a Motion to Change Domicile)
  • My Child's Other Parent Wants to Move (information and forms for responding to a Motion to Change Domicile)
  • I'm Being Evicted for Health Hazard/Injury to the Premises. Please send any clients with these issues to Michigan Legal Help for information and forms.

​​We have modified the Divorce interview in response to the changes to the law from the Revocation of Paternity Act. If you have a non-marital child you need to exclude through a divorce, you can't use the divorce interview to do this, becuase the laws have changed. We are working as quickly as we can this summer to hopefully create new forms and a new interview to assist those of you with cases that are affected by the the new rules and procedures.

We have released a Judgment Only divorce interview called "Automated Online Divorce forms - JUDGMENT ONLY." This interview is for you if you have already started your divorce, but need help finishing it. The interview will prepare a Judgment of Divorce and the forms that go with it.

Have a happy and safe summer - and look for more updates soon!

What's new on Michigan Legal Help? June 2014 edition!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We successfully made it through a very long winter, and hope for more sunny days ahead. We've been busy here at Michigan Legal Help! Here's a list of new Toolkits we have available:

  • I Need to Extend My Personal Protection Order
  • I Need to Change of End My Personal Protection Order
  • I Need an Interpreter - this toolkit is for Limited English Proficient people who need an Interpreter to fully participate in court
  • I'm Being Evicted for Health Hazard/Injury to the Premises

Here are the new interviews we have:

  • Automated Online Motion to Modify, Terminate or Extend Personal Protection Order
  • Automated Online Request for Interpreter
  • Automated Online Response to Motion Regarding Support

And the new videos we have:

  • How to Serve Divorce or Custody Papers
  • How to Apply for a Personal Protection Order

We also just changed the Divorce interview becuase of changes to the law from the Revocation of Paternity Act. Visitors with non-marital children they need to exclude through a divorce will no longer be able to use the Divorce interview to this. We hope to have new forms and an interview to help with this problem by the end of the summer.

Finally, we want to remind everyone that LiveHelp is available from 11am until 3pm. LiveHelp is a chat-based feature where website visitors can get assistance navigating the website and answers to their legal information questions. (They cannot get legal advice.)